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Connect to the Swarm

Connect your network to the global of community of networks. Support your members, multiply your impact.

A swarm is an efficient and effective group of people: honest, self-organised, resilient, adaptable. Swarms will dominate the future of innovation, of business, of work, of community. Because they focus naturally on the human as the centre of value creation, and benefit everyone.

Overcome boundaries. Connect now.

Change makers around the world have the desire to connect and multiply their impact. Networks and platforms are an essential tools for this. We need to make sure to not create new silos in a world where connection is everything.

On the COBIOM platform, you can join your community with other networks while keeping it distinct and unique. Soon, you will even be able to connect your OWN WORKSPACE to the global Swarm


More and more experts and networks join every day to multiply their positive impact and overcome boundaries. Multiplication effects of knowledge and ideation will outperform protective concepts.


Sync the global Swarm with your network via the COBIOM platform. Non-profit networks or projects don’t pay for access the Swarm. For all others we have flexible payment plans to support your growth.


The COBIOM platform is used by agencies and companies for Open Innovation and consultancy projects, service acquisition and human captial recruitment. Let your members profit from the assets of hyper-connectitivity.

Learn more about the values and how COBIOM works.

Explore the full COBIOM Collaboration Framework.

More than just another platform

Learn more about the COBIOM Swarm platform below.

  • FROM INNOVATORS FOR INNOVATORS: We all experienced innovators and thus know what innovators like you need to achieve their goals and make an impact. With the right tools and rewards we change society and business so it benefits everyone.

No one can solve the challenges of our age alone. Only a Swarm of experts can.

| Dr. Fabian Feutlinske
Founder of COBIOM