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Swarm as a Service

Swarm as a Service

Tap into the global network-of-networks. Use the potential of unprecidented intelligence right when you need it.

Your business growth and development needs expertise whenever it is required. The swarm is an efficient and effective group of professionals: Skilled, self-organised, resilient, adaptable, motivated. Swarms will dominate the future of innovation, of business, of work, of community. Because they focus naturally on the human as the centre of value creation, and benefit everyone. Your business should leverage this massive potential.

The new resource for your business.

Your business can now leverage the power of the Swarm. The Swarm is at your service, as a service repertoir, as consultants, or built right into your processes.

Tap into an ever-growing, ever-evolving pool and be part of the new way to innovate, recruit and source the expertise your need.


Single experts, projet teams, hackathons: No matter where you are on your sustainability journey –
we help bringing together the right experts or service providers to solve your challenges.


Fuse the best of both worlds: We train the right people inside your company and build a new kind of vertical unit across your departments and connect it to the global Swarm.


Expertise at your fingertips: New Work and the Gig Economy change the way experts want to work with you. On the other hand, your agency should only pay the experts when you need them.

Project or Integration.

Explore the potential of Swarm Innovation and Collective Intelligence for innovation projects or business transformation. You can also integrate your own experts to the Swarm and stay connected to where the future happens.

More than just another platform

Learn more about the COBIOM Swarm platform below.

  • FROM INNOVATORS FOR INNOVATORS: We all experienced innovators and thus know what innovators like you need to achieve their goals and make an impact. With the right tools and rewards we change society and business so it benefits everyone.

No one can solve the challenges of our age alone. Only a Swarm of experts can.

| Dr. Fabian Feutlinske
Founder of COBIOM