European Biomimicry Design Challenge 2021

Learn from Nature. Design for People and Planet.

European Biomimicry Design Challenge 2021 was organised from January to April 2021 by the Biomimicry Academy in cooperation with the European Biomimicry Alliance and the Biomimicry Institute. Stay tuned for future events in Biomimicry!



In our highly efficient and automated world a lot of the packaging is standardized. However, we also package, distribute and store air in the dead space. Imagine a better packaging inspired by nature that grows or shrinks with the content in the container.

Powerplants toCarbon Sinks

Powerplants to
Carbon Sinks

From power plants to carbon sinks: Design a solution to turn old powerplants into CO2 sinks based on the Bioenergy with carbon-capturing and sequestration (BECCS) technology.



The transport sector is the only one where carbon emissions keep on rising There are numerous mobility solutions available that face barriers to make a real change. We need a new narrative to unite society for better travel options.



What are the attributes that make skins and outer shells so versatile, durable and resilient? We are looking for a biodegradable plant or fungi based leather substitute which fulfils the safety standards of the automotive industry. The focus is on new combinations of features but also on how to make it attractive and acceptable for established industries.



What can we learn from nature to increase the engagement of members in human communities? How do we build trust? How do we manage commons and how do we facilitate value exchange? The project from the Biomimicry Academy takes on this question to be implemented into the COBIOM collaboration platform and other services.



The training at Biomimicry Academy will guide you through all the fields that build the foundation to design systemically sustainable products and services. It is not simply a methods training, but it will change your mindset. 

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